Top 10 Utility Apps for your Android Phone

Smartphones have taken over most of our everyday monotonous chores. Whether it is grocery shopping, sorting emails, managing documents, booking your next ride or air tickets, or finding virtual way on the go – everything is possible with this handy tool. But, guess what – you would have to crawl into the Play Store and scrabble around tons of mobile apps to find best-suited bunch for you.

If you’re looking for a list of bare minimum applications you should have on your mobile device, you’ve come to the right place.

To make life simpler for you, we’ve put together a list of some of the best utility apps for your android phones. What are utility apps? Utility apps are the kind of applications that enhance your user experience; they make your device more functional and let you take advantage up to your phone’s optimal capabilities.

1. Solid Explorer File Manager

Price: 14-Days Free Trial Version + Premium Features

One of the most important add-ons you need on your smartphone is a file and cloud manager with root explorer. If you would have asked us a couple of years ago, putting down the ES File Explorer would have been a no-brainer. However, the Solid Explorer really has been a breakout star in the league. Besides basic file management, Solid Explorer also allows you to password protect files and folders. You can also add fingerprint authentication. You can archive and unarchive files, browse through your files in two separate panels, and more. 

Solid Explorer also allows you to hide extra unwanted folders in the desired formats. Its more advanced features include support for cloud storage and various web servers formats. The UI has been one of the biggest plus points, with many users finding it a lot friendlier and intuitive to use.

2. Anymote

Price: Free

This universal remote control app is both; fun and functional. After all, who here hasn’t had their fair share of laughs with a universal remote? With support for almost all Android devices, Anymote is the only universal remote you’ll need. With its ability to simulate anything that sends infrared remote commands, it can perform as a VCR remote, a BluRay remote, an Air Conditioner remote and even a DSLR camera remote. There are, however, a lot of device limitations. The app isn’t compatible with Huawei, Vizio or Sony devices. Also, while it works like a dream on the Galaxy S4 and S6, it isn’t compatible with the S7 due to hardware limitations.

 3. Google Translate

Price: Free

Have you ever been to a new country and had been off-track as lost as  Alice? Enter Google Translate, your new, most important travel partner. As a Google product, it should come as no surprise that the app supports more than 100 languages. You can use it very easily by copying a word in any application and tapping it for translation. You can take pictures of a text and get it translated, as well as have a two-way conversation in over 32 languages. Our favorite feature is how you can draw characters for over 93 languages.

4. Google Maps

Price: Free

If you haven’t heard of Google Maps by now, chances are you’re new … to this world. The world’s favorite navigation application is just the thing you need if you want to work your way around the roads. You’ll be surprised how Google would know some areas better than the local residents. Besides learning how to get from one place to another, you will also be able to get the details about millions of businesses, like hotels and restaurants including the images and reviews from visitors. You can also get public transport schedules for over 15,000 cities of the world.

5. Find My Device By Google

Price: Free

Since we are listing utility apps, no list is complete without the coolest toolkit on the app store – literally! Find My Device is an absolutely free app that lets you lock your android phone and even lock your information and input data transfer until you get it back. If your phone is misplaced or stolen, you can search through the map about its last location. You can easily lock and erase your device and request the finder to return it back via a message on your device.

6. Opera VPN

Price: Free

If you want to unlock content that you don’t have access to because of your location, using the Opera VPN is a good solution. Its auto saving of password from site to site takes browsing experience to a whole new level. Besides changing your virtual location, it also blocks ad trackers. By reassigning your device a different, incredibly fast VPN servers, it gives you access to otherwise blocked online content, for free.

7. Mobile Security & Antivirus

Price: Free / In-app Purchases

This security application from Avast helps you protect your device from viruses, malware, popups and ads. Considering how pervasive mobile viruses have become, and how often you hear hackers gaining access to mobile devices and sending data to third parties, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. This application alerts you as soon as your device installs a spyware or adware. Features included in Avast’s antivirus app include a call blocker, an app locker, a Firewall, a junk cleaner, a web shield etcetera.

8. Snapseed

Price: Free

You device is incomplete without a good photo-editing application. One again Google takes up the lead. Snapseed is a photo editing app that gives you access to extensive 29-tools and filters to edit your photos and create one-of-a-kind images. With a variety of filters, and the ability to share edited images on social networks, Snapseed is a simple and functional photo-editing app.

9. VLC

Price: Free

No smartphone is complete without a well-rounded media player, and the VLC player is an old app but tops all of the competitors. With its ability to play almost all types of media files, including MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, Wv and AAC, VLC is a favorite for most smartphone users. Besides, it also allows you to edit videos and play around using equalizer filters with creepy audio files. Another perk is that it comes with all codecs included; you don’t need to separately download anything. All features are incredible for audio and video junkies.

10. Applock

Price: Free

Security is a major concern for us all … and no smartphone can work well without security apps. You need to stop your friends and family to poke into your phone. So, here comes Applock – that checks all the boxes. Applock allows you to secure unauthorized access to any of the app you choose. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, SMS, Calls and more. Now you don’t need to pay much heed – Applock will prevent your personal pictures, videos and significant data at all levels. It’s simple, efficient and free.


So, we have shared a rundown of the best utility apps for Android. Most of the apps are free, only a few apps require in-app purchases. Regardless, they all are worth to give a try. Share your thoughts about which one do you like the most?

Author’s Bio: Kerin is a content creator & a passionate blogger. She is a professional tech blogger by profession & an avid reader by soul. She loves to explore topics related to news / technology, particularly content transfer. In her free time, she enjoys penning down her thoughts with a cup of coffee.