How to Disavow Backlinks in Search Console

How to Disavow Backlinks in Search Console

What is Disavow Tool?

A disavow file allows a website owner to speak with Google to inform them that the incoming backlinks they don’t would like to be counted.

It is effectively a message to Google Webmaster to say ‘please ignore these links.’

When Did It Launch?

Google launched this tool on October 16, 2012.

Many professionals have seen that getting rid of low-quality links can give you positive results.

Before you come to the stage of making a disavow text file, you have to first check all the links and classify those unnatural links.

This prevents backlinks of low quality from dragging down your website performance on SERP.

Another most important benefit of using this tool to discover negative SEO.

Who Needs a Disavow File?

Google has said that not everybody needs a disavow links tool. It is an advanced tool to warn users to solely use the tool if “…you believe you’ve got a substantial amount of spamming, artificial, or low-quality backlinks pointing to your website, and if you’re assured that the links cause problems for you.”

Each and every website has a weak link. We all have links that we wish to go away. This is the last step after a complete link pruning process.

How to Create a Disavow Links File for Google

First, you need to understand these two methods of disavowing links.

  1. URL Level
  2. Domain Level

Disavow URL – this means Google will ignore specific URLs such as

Disavow Domain – this means Google will ignore the whole domain, such as

If you have made a decision about each URL, then go for URL level.

Make a list. Open Notepad, and then paste all the URLs (one URL on each line)

If you want to disavow at domain level then a domain (or subdomain) prefix it with “domain:”, for example,

You can combine both methods if you have a list of URLs and Domain.

Add a Comment.

You can also add a comment if you want for future reference by adding a line at the top which begins with a hash, for example.

#Disavow list updated on July 4th, 2019, including 50 new domains.

How to Upload Disavow File

Google makes it a little difficult to upload the disavow file. There is no direct way to reach this tool. Follow these below steps to open and upload your file.

  1. Go to the Google Disavow Links Tool.
  2. Select your website from the list if you have added multiple properties.
    Note: Make sure you select the correct domain.
  3. Click Disavow links.
  4. Click Choose file and choose the file you created.
  5. You’ll get a message confirming the upload, and then you have to wait for Google to recrawl your website and see the changes.

How Long Does it Take for Disavow Tool to Work?

The process of Google discounting the links to your site won’t be immediate. “It can take weeks for that to go into effect,” Matt Cutts said.

Google also reserves the rights to not use or accept the submissions if it feels that there’s a reason to trust them.

How many Disavow Files are allowed for a Website at a Time?

There is a file size limitation of this tool. In case your file exceeds 2MB then there is no option to submit.

You can make another file and upload it but don’t delete already uploaded file. Make sure to no add same URL then they show a pop up message.

How Do You Get Rid of Toxic Backlinks?

If possible delete unnatural backlinks, contact site owner to delete a link, or use Google Disavow Tools.