Flow – The Psychology Of Optimal Experience

A typical day is full of anxiety and boredom. Flow experiences provide the flashes of intense living against this dull background says Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi (Pronunciation: Me high, cheeks sent me high,) an 85-year-old Hungarian-American psychologist who has spent his life to bring order in chaos, in the psyche of the people.

Mihalyi C. was born in Fiume, a city in Croatia now known as Rijeka. Mihalyi lost both of his elder half-brothers while he was still young during the end of world war II. He lost one brother during the siege of Budapest by the Red Army of USSR, and the second was sent off to the Siberian camps by the Soviets never to return. Later on when the Communists took over Hungary in 1949, Mihalyi’s father resigned from the post of Hungarian ambassador to Italy in revolt; the regime responded by stripping him and the family of their Hungarian citizenship, forcing him to open a restaurant in Rome to earn a living. Young Mihalyi dropped out of school to help his dad.

Seeing the agony, despair, helplessness and the grief that arose in Mihalyi’s own life and in the lives of the people that fell apart due to the horrors of the war, moved him deeply. These dark events made him ponder about the source of happiness, the nature of consciousness, the time that makes people feel most happy and the meaning of life.

It was during this time, he saw Carl Jung giving a lecture on the psychology of UFO findings. This was a spark that lit up his soul, he went on to get a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1965.

One of the founding fathers of Positive Psychology, he materialized his timeless wisdom and childlike curiosity through empirical data into the concept of FLOW – the psychology of optimal experience, which dances between science and spirituality.

The 25 years of research that went into articulating the concept of flow, came to him as a discovery, which he says, we all were already aware of. A discovery when re-realized can make happiness (bliss and not pleasure) no more elusive.

Flow is a state of mind, where people have the optimal experience, occurring while in a deep physical or mental, complex or simple, rigorous or benign task. When one is so deeply engrossed in what they are doing that everything else ceases to exist.

In other words, being so intuned with an activity that even the roof falling, if untouched, goes unnoticed.

According to Mihalyi, the world is sandwiched by boredom and anxiety, and in between one can attain the state of flow by being completely involved in life experiences, to escape them.

In flow one finds peace and happiness, a kind that lasts, which comes with the peeling off of time, ego, man-made concepts, biases, perceptions and wrong identifications. Quoting Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, all the suffering comes from wrong identifications. German nihilist philosopher Nietzsche said when time is removed all distortions are straightened out.

Us Homo Sapiens have been given a brain too sophisticated to handle. If the documentation of human history hadn’t been so incomplete, we would have possibly known what morphed apes to beings that can converse over dinner.

Unfortunately, the mind has us, most of the times rather than us having one. We are the victims of our own memory and imagination. The demons of your past will jump off your back once you stop thinking of them and more will not jump at you if you stop imagining them.

What if our hands worked incessantly, without our command, as an autonomous entity like our brain? What if we spoke all that we thought of, the only difference is of certain muscle movements, isn’t it? We would be speaking to ourselves the entire day, even during the nights in dreams, the psychiatric ward wouldn’t seem too distant, would it?

The psychological concept of flow helps us understand the mind and its tricks if not helps us transgress it completely.

When one is in the flow the mind stops, the chattering, commentary stops, there’s nowhere to reach as one is already doing what’s needed and there’s nothing to else think about. It’s only the present moment and the thing required to be done in the natural course of life.

When the mind stops, one gets aware of the soul’s logic as Alan Watts would say, which is way more intelligent than the former. Once one gets more frequented with the flow, greed, envy, suffering, all falls off with the ego.

One understands better the true nature of things. The reality becomes two-wayed. The primary reality and secondary reality. The reality inside and the reality outside. In Zen Buddhism, the greatest of virtue is Wu Wei (wu way) which translates into doing nothing. It should be understood that Wu Wei means doing nothing in the primary reality, to be untouched and unperturbed on the inside while the outside world, or the second (material) reality plays out.

Becoming aware of the inner peace, the peace beneath everything is the discovery we have to re-realize according to Mihalyi. The ‘psychic entropy’ is the opposite of flow. The nature of things is to degenerate, and we need our minds and homes to be like a tended garden and not a forest.

One of the major things Mihalyi concluded is that happiness is in our hands, that we can alter our state of emotions regardless of the external situation. Obviously, one can settle in the primary reality, in the inner stillness, in the perpetual now, and know that is all that is, one move beyond happiness and sadness.

These truths have been said since time immemorial from Pre to Post Socratic philosophers, stoic philosophers, Zen monks, Hindu yogis, all teach the same thing. The only difference here was Mihalyi’s concept is based 25 years of scientific research.

From a neuropsychological perspective, according to Arne Dietrich, being in flow has been associated with decreased activity in the prefrontal cortex. It is an area of the brain responsible for higher cognitive functions like as self-reflective consciousness, temporal integration, working memory, and our explicit state of mind.

In a state of flow, this area gets temporarily down-regulate in a process called transient hypofrontality. This triggers the feelings of distortion of time, loss of self-consciousness, and loss of the inner critic.

To conclude, the optimal experience is begotten when the mind is rested, and one completely loses themselves in absolutely anything from slow dancing to jazz, or even working for hours in a factory.

Future of SEO for Your Business

Changes are coming so thick and fast to how search engines view and rank your content; it’s challenging to keep up the pace. And for many businesses swimming against this wave, you’ve got to adapt to the shifting tides or watch your business go under.

I know that sounds a bit dramatic, and maybe it is. The simple truth is, to maintain visibility and improve your ranking on search engines, you’ve got to be on your toes ready to take advantages of the changes as they come even if you’re not an SEO expert or SEO consultant.

With that in mind, we will explore some of the most significant changes in SEO moving forward and tips on how you can adapt them for your business.

1. Voice Search

Voice search has exploded into the scene, and it’s going to get bigger moving forward. It’s growing so fast that ComScore suggests over 50% of all searches are going to be voice searches by the year 2020.

What does it mean for you and your business?

If as much as half of all users searching the internet are going to be doing so using voice search, it’s safe to assume a sizeable portion of your potential customers is going to be doing the same.

You can give your business a head-start by optimizing your content for voice search, especially now that most small and medium-sized businesses are yet to catch this train.

And how exactly do you do that?

First of all, understanding how voice search works is crucial. Due to the interactive nature of personal assistants on our devices, search engines favor conversational content.

So, it’s vital that you structure your content in simple, easily digestible format and a base such content around common questions your target users are likely to ask. Understanding user intent is key. Also, the average voice search user tends to use hyper long-tail keyword when asking questions, so it’s important you’re ready to answer them with your content.

2. Mobile-First Indexing

It has been a few years since Google revealed that the aggregate search traffic from mobile phones and tablets had surpassed desktop devices. Now a recent view of StatCounter report on desktop and mobile search trends seem to support this claim.

Mobile search is on the up and continues to rise. All you need to verify this report is to take a stroll to any public space of your choice, and the first thing you’ll notice is the ridiculous amount of time users spend going through their devices.

Most of the time, they’re searching for products or services relating to a problem they’re experiencing. And according to a 2017 BrightEdge report, search queries using desktop and mobile devices produces different ranking results 80% of the time.

So how do you use this fact to your advantage?

First, you want to make sure your business site is mobile responsive. When building your webpages, design for mobile before you optimize for desktop. Next, you want a clean and easy to use design for your mobile pages, e.g., single-column test with legible fonts, properly-sized buttons for easy clicking.

Finally, you can include a mobile feature like direct dialing so customers can reach you by a few clicks of a button. If you’re a local business, this strategy can be an absolute goldmine. The idea is to make doing business with mobile customers as seamless as possible.

3. Structured Data

With only about a third of searches bringing at least one rich snippet, use of microdata is one of the most underutilized strategies for improving SEO. This stat is even more damning when you get to know that only 1 in 330 domains are responsible for such results.

These numbers seem to tell us one simple fact; users aren’t just interested in this aspect of SEO. In truth, you can’t fault them for ignoring this strategy as it takes time and a lot of technical knowledge to implement.

If you’ve ever seen a rich snippet with images, reviews, breadcrumbs, and other details while doing a Google search then you’ve seen the power of Schema markup. Schema markup is a standardized microdata library created by the major search engines to help them understand your content better.

To use schema markup effectively, you’ve got to get acquainted with microdata code or language for marking up content.

So how do you use this knowledge to get ahead of the business game?

If you use a content management system like WordPress, there is Schema Creator Plugin by Raven you can install and use without writing a single line of code. For other users, there is a free and simple tool created by Google for webmasters called the Structured Data Markup Helper If you need more help, consider hiring the services of an SEO expert.

4. Branding

The internet has become a cesspool of information, both good and dangerous. And there is little anyone can do to verify the authenticity of data from search. To combat the myriad of false information, search engines like google have prioritized ranking of content from top brands and authority sites.

SEO is not just about the strategies you implement on your site anymore but also about how other internet users perceive your business. Google monitors social mentions of your business and exactly how users are discussing their experiences to prioritize your rank in SERPs.

To get on the good side of search engines, you’ve got to make sure you’re taking good care of your customers. Ensure you’re meeting consumer satisfaction 100% of the time, so when you get mentioned, it’ll be in a positive light.

So how exactly do you grow your brand?

First, you need to put out useful, informative, and engaging content regularly. Then turn some of your content into other media like videos, podcasts, etc. Next, attend and speak regularly at conferences by sharing your expertise and wealth of experience. Finally, build a fantastic product or service and ensure you’re taking good care of your customers.

One final thing, use tools like Awario, TalkWalker Alerts, Mention, etc. for tracking your mentions. Many businesses have salvaged their reputation from being destroyed just by caring to know what people talk about when they mention their brand and responding promptly to salvage the situation.

In a nutshell, The future of SEO for your business shows a lot of promise. Most important of all, you don’t have to be an SEO consultant to be able to implement a few of these strategies. With a lot of online businesses lacking on almost all of these points, implementing lust one will help you rise above the competition and bring in much-needed customers. Your bottom line is also sure to improve.

Author Bio

Sandeep Mehtaan SEO Expert and Consultant having good experience. He worked with many start-up companies to achieve their goals and increase online presence. His focus is to promote products & services online through this sales will increase. To know more visit here:

The 2 Step Funnel For Building Your Online Business

There’s never been a better time than now to start building your online business.

Just think about it for a second:

  • You’ve got the world at your fingertips (in terms of information).
  • There’s plenty of gurus, experts, mentors, and coaches to help you out.
  • And software has allowed you to get up and running almost quicker than ever.

So if you’re looking to build your online business without wasting a ton of time then be sure to keep reading on.

2 Step Sales Funnels

First and foremost, a sales funnel is simply a process that someone takes in order to generate a:

  • Lead…
  • Or sale when it comes to a product, offer, or service.

Forbes Explains What A Sales Funnel Is Here.

Think of it as one of the best ways to get your targeted audience from point A to B.

In this post, I’m going to be showing you how to exclusively focus on creating the a simple 2 step funnel which includes the lead capture page and then the thank you page.

After that, you would then need to direct your attention to other important aspects such as:

  • Getting traffic…
  • And following up through email autoresponders

I’ll save those for another post though 🙂
Let’s jump right on into the first step.

Lead Capture Page

A lead capture page has one goal:

  • Generate leads (by capturing your traffic’s email).

Not only is the goal simple, but what you say on your lead capture page is pretty simple too.

Here are a few key elements when it comes to creating a higher converting landing page.


From all of the testing I’ve done in the years, simple has always seemed to work the best.

Here’s what I mean by simple.

  • Everything centered, easy to read, and above the fold.
  • Clean white background (no pictures or videos in the background).

What I mean by above the fold is that the person shouldn’t have to scroll down in order to enter their email or read what’s on the page.

Aside from simplicity?

Here is one of the most powerful aspects of your lead capture page.

Benefit Inducing Headline

This is going to speak directly to your targeted audience.

Keep in mind that the benefit is going to be some type of lead magnet that your traffic gets in order for giving you their email.

Examples of lead magnets include:

  • Case study.
  • PDF cheat sheet.
  • Simple YouTube video.
  • Done for your templates.
  • A full video training course.

And anything else that you can think of.

Just make sure that whatever it is that you have that your audience would body check their grandma in order to get their hands on it 😛

So after your visitors enter their email address?

They immediately get sent an email followup and then get taken to the next page.

The Profit Maximizer

This is also commonly known as the thank you page, but serves many helpful purposes:

  • Congratulate them for opting in.
  • Let them know their free offer was sent to their email.
  • Quickly explain who you are and what to expect from you.
  • Talk a little about a recommended offer, training, or software that they should check out.

The cool thing about what I just mentioned above is that you can explain all of those things in a quick 1-2 minute video.

But not only that, being on video allows you to instantly build more trust since they realize you are a real person.

Here is the order of operations when it comes to your thank you page:

  • Congratulations on top (so they know they made a great decision).
  • Your video underneath which explains everything in the bullet points above.
  • Last but not least would be a button that they click on for a recommended offer.

The last part is how you can start making some money (or earning commissions if you’re an affiliate marketing).

Just make sure that whatever you offer is closely related to what they opted in for.

  • So if they wanted SEO training? Recommend an SEO tool.
  • If they opted in for an affiliate marketing cheat sheet? Recommend a super affiliate training.

You get the idea, right?
So let’s wrap up this post now.


These are really the only 2 steps you need when it comes to the sales funnel aspect itself (in the beginning).

  • Lead capture page
  • Thank you page

It doesn’t matter how you create them, whether it be through WordPress or any of the top sales funnel creators.

You can always add on more as you go.

But I hope I helped you out when it comes to getting up and running as quickly as possible.

I always recommend getting something going sooner rather than later because you can always make changes as you go.

Plus money is attracted to speed, and who doesn’t want more of that for their online business?

Top 7 Social Media Tips for 2019 You Need to Follow to Make an Impact

With the rise of social media, the paradigm of internet marketing has taken a huge shift. Nowadays, social media plays a key factor in making a brand out of nowhere. With the right social media strategies, you make an impact on your specific niche. Also, as most of the young generation rely heavily on social media, it is easier to influence them. In order to help you in your social media marketing campaign, here are 7 social media tips for 2019 you need to follow to make an impact.

1. Chatbots Can be an Effective Addition

Many companies feel that chatbots are not that worthwhile to deploy on their social media handles. But apparently, chatbots are playing the role of a game-changer for companies that have implemented them. Basically, it is helping the companies in solving the queries of their customers promptly and so, chatbots can be a very effective addition for your social media marketing campaigns.

2. Video Contents are Getting Increasingly Popular

You can guess the popularity of video contents with the advent of YouTube and Facebook Live. Also, Instagram Live is giving a tough competition to both of these popular video sharing platforms. This has created an entirely new spectrum of marketing. There is no doubt that video content is captivating generation Z. Therefore, the time has come to make the most out of it.

Quick Read –

What You Need To Know About Storytelling In Digital Marketing Industry

3. Live Video Streaming is Producing a Massive Scope

Until and unless you interact with your audiences, it is unlikely they will get converted. Live video streaming is providing that platform where you can interact with your audience in the best possible manner. In this way, you will be making your audiences quite pleased and happy and more importantly, they will start relying on you which is the most crucial thing to gain from live video streaming.

4. Focus on Generation Z

This is the age of generation Z. It is that generation which relies on the internet and especially, social media heavily and makes online purchase quite frequently. So, you should focus on and become relevant to their needs. Otherwise, you may not find your place in this ruthless competition of internet marketing.

5. Make Use of the Influencer Marketing

Now, you may think that hiring a social media influencer and working with that person can cost you a huge amount of money. But, a social media influencer actually can influence a huge number of social media users. Therefore, you will see a drastic rise in your sales figure and your income will surpass your influencer marketing budget in no time. So, it is one of the social media tips for 2019that you should definitely make use of.

6. Make Social Media Posts Voice-Friendly

Nowadays, most people are relying on voice search than typing. Therefore, you also need to adjust your content by making it voice-friendly. It will surely help you to gain greater exposure to the social media landscape.

7. Utilize the Increasing Popularity of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have become hugely popular. It is a wonderful way of keeping your audience engaged. Various brands are utilizing this quite efficiently and if you can create engaging Instagram stories, you will also create an impact on your audiences.

Final Thoughts

Finally, making an impact on social media in this age is quite difficult and no one can deny that. However, if you can follow these 7 social media tips for 2019, you will also be able to create a big impact. So, gaining exposure in social media is difficult, however, maintaining that prominence is much more difficult and these tips will surely help you stay engaged to your audiences and even grow big.

What Are Benefits of Financing Your Company’s Equipment

The features of financing are higher than ever before. Any business or group can reap the benefits of these advantages. They include reduced costs, simplified budgeting, credit preservation, and overall flexibility. When you make a financing decision, you need to consider the equipment financing. It gives you to enjoy the various business opportunities. It also provide you the critical overall flexibility and investment coverage.

Save Your Capital

Many businesses have a problem with the necessity to grow while lacking the capital. Many companies don’t know is that equipment financing can boost the buying vitality. It also reduce your expenses. In case you use finance rather than your capital, you are able to afford a far more complete solution. You have to make lower monthly premiums and paying little if any up-front costs. This leaves your working capital intact while enabling the needed progress.

The larger the business enterprise acquisition, the higher the benefits associated with financing. Postponing necessary changes can take your business out of any competitive market position. It is a position that may be difficult to get back.

Critical Business Advantage

The business enterprise landscape changes on a regular basis. So, it is vital for your own business to adjust and grow to complement the market. This is also true for software and services that are essential but can have large up-front costs. Regrettably, there is a wide range of companies that lack – or feel that they lack – the specific resources. These resources are required to get the required equipment for your business.

Financing will permit you to add necessary service capacity. It will decrease the threat of your technology becoming outdated. Moreover, it can reduce the total cost of possession. Equipment financing provides flexible repayment options. They are designed to your unique budget requirements or time. So, they are fit your benefit streams. It will allow your company to get the required components.


The budget constraints and less capital are obstructions to keeping businesses moving forward. But growing markets and the ones ever present opponents won’t wait that you can capture up. Financing those business buys means that an insufficient capital is enough.

Equipment financing permits companies to quickly adjust to changing competitive conditions. Every business strategy may include access to versatile and competitive financing options. Take the time to analyze equipment financing companies. The nice financing programs offer customers competitive and adaptable financing alternatives. They are used for acquiring hardware, software and some other equipment.

Competitive Advantage

It is a straightforward reality that business solutions may become obsolete over time. A customer-focused equipment financing program provides adaptable, cost-effective solutions. They will help you find the technological components. You need them to migrate to business models and stay competitive in your industry. From this gain, your business never encounters the specter of business obsolescence.

You should think about the overall flexibility that financing offers for new equipment. This overall flexibility may help you stay prior to the technology curve. It will make your company competitive in the competition.

A Hedge Against Inflation

Economies are mostly unstable. Postponing development is definitely not the ultimate way to protect your business. It could bring about a lack of customers if you cannot offer them the help that they want or want. Equipment you buy today will become costly tomorrow. Thus, use the equipment financing to overcome inflation issue. You can use codes like the Ebuyers Vouchers Code to get low-priced equipment.

Tips On Selecting The Best E-commerce Solution For Your Business

As an eCommerce store owner, you might already know that 89% of businesses are expecting to compete mainly on customer experience. Having a simple website is no longer enough to provide an excellent user experience. You need a platform that will attract and retain customers. Thus you need an e-commerce solution as this is the best way to create a hassle-free online shopping experience for your consumers.

With a myriad of eCommerce platforms to choose from, it is easy to get confused and frustrated by the long list of features and functionalities these platforms provide. But failure to choose the right eCommerce platform can lead to potential loss of customers.

To lead you on the right path, we’ve put together a guide on how to select the best e-commerce platform to streamline your business on a global scale.

So let’s dive in:

8 Tips On Selecting The Best Ecommerce Solution For Your Business

1. Payment Options

The methods you’ll use to accept payments is a critical consideration when constructing your eCommerce website.

Granted your eCommerce business is worldwide and your clients are in different parts of the globe, you’ll have to provide users with multiple payment options so that people from different countries can make a transaction in their respective currencies without any hassle.

You can accomplish this by having multiple payment gateway options such as PayPal Stripe, 2CheckOut, Amazon Payment, etc.

2. Maximum Security

Cybercrime is soaring at an alarming rate and online companies tend to be more vulnerable to these attacks. Your website will constantly request and store private data of your consumers such as an address, phone number, debit/credit card details, etc.

The burden to safeguard the privacy of your users befalls you. Therefore, it is crucial you select an e-commerce platform that provides maximum security by connecting you to an SSL certified vendor or by providing you with an HTTPS site.

3. Cloud-Based

A cloud-based platform takes out all the hassle of hosting and data infrastructure of the site. The beauty of it all is that you don’t have to invest an arm and a leg to purchase hardware, nor do you have to worry about the on-going expense of maintaining your own server.

With a cloud-based platform, you’ll automatically receive top-notch cybersecurity, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your customers’ sensitive data

4. Mobile Optimization

In 2019, mobile responsiveness is a must to create an outstanding user experience. 42% of researchers use a mobile device during the purchasing process, and this percentage is only going to grow.

You can optimize your eCommerce platform for mobile user experience by including features such as click-to-call, autofill using location service, and a mobile-optimized layout.

5. Scalability

Sluggish load times, frozen pages and error messages …. All these can frustrate your customers. Being able to handle massive traffic is a critical factor of a good eCommerce and it’s, therefore, crucial to select a platform that supports vertical and horizontal scaling.

Your online store needs to deliver a consistent experience, whether it’s serving five concurrent users or 50,000 concurrent users. So select a platform that offers scalability to prevent any inconveniences for your customers.

6. Integration

Another important factor is integration. When you are selecting an eCommerce platform, you need to consider how it will manage and support other systems (web content management, payments, invoicing and reporting, etc) already in place on your platform.

As more customers are expecting omnichannel customer service, your eCommerce platform needs to be able to integrate with all your existing applications to ensure operational efficiency but and seamless customer experience both online and offline.

7. Budget

When it comes to a great eCommerce solution, budget dictates everything. Just like everything else, the best eCommerce solution with the greatest capabilities usually has a higher price tag.

Having a budget is imperative as you’ll also need to take payment fees for your service providers, internal and external developers and marketing costs into account.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider selling your products on online market places like Amazon, Etsy or eBay as a start and later transition to an actual eCommerce platform.

8. Personalization

Don’t you feel special when you get addressed by your name? Well, the good thing is that you can actually do the same on your eCommerce platform.

Your eCommerce platform should be able to offer personalized user experience and display account- and user-specific information. Account history, the ability to re-order from past purchases, and permission to order based on a pre-approved budget are all must-have features of your eCommerce store.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right eCommerce platform for your business is not an easy task. However, now that you know what features to look for, the next step is to find the eCommerce solution that meets your requirements. Remember your chosen eCommerce platform should support your customers through every stage of their purchasing journey.

Emily Burnett
Emily is the Content Marketing Specialist of PinnacleCart. Outside of catching up on the latest business trends, Emily enjoys spending her time going to the beach and hanging out with friends.

How are Page Views Calculated in Google Analytics?

If you have setup Google Analytics for your website, you can see detailed reports of certain metric or dimension. When you login to Google Analytics interface, you will see reports of page views to your website which includes information about your website visitors. Page views help you to understand your website performance.

People also search:

How do I view a specific page view in Google Analytics?
What does Page View mean in Google Analytics?
How Can I See page views?
What is unique page view in Google Analytics?

What is Page Views?

In Google Analytics, a view of a single page on your website loaded by the user that is being tracked by the Google Analytics tracking code and total page view count goes up.

If a user revisits the same page multiple times within a single session, each view of that particular page count added to page views. Even if the user refreshes the page, this will also count in page views.

For Example:

If you visit then your visit to this page right now counts as a one page view.

If you reload this specific page, the page view will go up to two page views, but it’ll be counted as one unique page view.

If you send the link to your friend and if they visit, that will be counted as three page views and two unique page views.

If you again come back to tomorrow in a separate session, It will be counted as four page views and three unique page views.

Get the Best 5 Ideas of Real Estate Email Newsletters to Boost Your Sale

Tips of Top 5 Real Estate Email Newsletters Ideas to Enhance The Open Rates

When it is all about email marketing and boosting open rates in the same, you need to know every single trick. Email marketing is something that needs the most creative ideas. But, when you sit and think about sending Newsletters for real estate, you may not be able to form a complete email. That is why here are some of the best ideas that you can implement. To boost the open rates, these ideas are indeed helpful.

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