8 Amazing Tips to Learn How To Brand Your Small Business

What does come to your mind when you think about the word brand or branding? Is it some big and top-notch company that is selling their products for a certain target market that usually affords luxuries? If yes then would you be surprised to know that’s not what brand is just about! By having a brand you have a way of connecting and communicating with your customers and supposedly potential customers. That is the shortest and concise way of understanding the brand.

However, if you are someone who hopes to have a business of their own be it a little cute café or even some services you provide from home then it is absolutely necessary that you understanding what is a brand? And how you can brand your own product?

So first off let’s understand what is a brand?

A brand is a name and identity that you give to your product or services in order to help it stand out in front of its competitor and let your target market or customer to differentiate your brand from that of the competitor. The identity is given by giving it a distinctive name, a logo, a trademark and a tagline that your customers will remember till a long time and can recall it when the product or service category that you work in is mentioned.

The importance of creating a brand could be understood by the fact that there are people who are providing professional branding services.  This may include web design services and whereas there are other custom logo design agencies as well that just specialize in providing you the creative solution for your problems.

Now, if after reading this you are confused as to how all this can help you or how you can brand your small venture when usually branding is related to market leaders like Walmart, Nike, H&M, and etc. So, don’t you worry! Here are some ways that will help you in creating a brand for yourself.

8 Tips on How To Brand Your Small Business

1. Focus on Individuality

The first step in creating more than just a product is by creating an individual, yes, you read it right! Giving an identity to your brand means you need to treat it like and individual and like any individual has an identity that they stand by and that differentiates them, that is how you will have to treat your brand. Whenever you will talk to professionals they will always talk about giving your brand a voice and an identity. If that has ever confused you then it shouldn’t anymore. By defining it as an individual or treating it as a human you will eventually give it a voice and individuality as well that everyone talks about.

Now, how you do that? Take a pen and pad and sketch down how you see your brand as an individual, how will you define it if it will be a human? This method will not only help you but will also help your agent when or if you will reach out to them in search of complete branding solutions. Look at any big brand and you will see how each has been given a personality to themselves, as Apple defines itself as innovative, Nike shows that it is full of excitement while being tough and rugged and on the ither hand, coco-cola is the epitome of happiness. Thus, identify yourself through a personality and you can even use five personality models, to begin with.

2. Explain the Meaning of your Brand

If we have talked about the personality then it is very important to talk about the motive and meaning of your brand. This factor is closely linked with the one above as it will explain the intention that you have for your brand and your goals. For example, you might act as delicate and sweet towards your customer but if you aren’t clear about what you want to represent as a brand then it will be a bit problematic.

Therefore, when you sit and draw a personality of your brand it is necessary that you also clear out your purpose and aim. This will help you in avoiding contradiction with what you want and what you need and will help you design a brand that has a much a clear idea about itself. Customers also get attracted to the brands that they understand and relate to rather than a confusing one. There are various online branding services that you can approach to work with and identify the meaning of your brand.

3. Specify your Customer Base

After you have creatively designed your brand personality and decided how you will showcase it in front of the people, competitors, and the entire market, it becomes extremely necessary that you outline the main features of your customer base. Your customer base or your target customer is the people that you mainly want to sell your product to. For example, you can’t show teenagers and attract teenagers if you are working on diapers that will just not make sense! Similarly, you can’t promote alcoholic beverages among minors that is a crime.

So the next thing that you need to do is identify the age limit, gender, location, financial status and even educational backgrounds that you want to target. You can’t market feminine products to males and you can’t sell extremely organic and expensive scrubs and masks to those who are struggling to meet ends. Hence, if we bluntly put it you need to understand the people that you are willing to sell and provide your products. This step will also help you in designing and advertising your product in an effective way.

4. Create a Logo

You have created a brand name, you have decided on its identity, you are even confident about the people that you want to target but what will help you in setting a mark for your brand? This is where custom logo design agencies enter in your life to make it all easy for you. Look around and you’ll see a local coffee shop will also have a logo that differentiates it with others in town. A diner that is just in your town will have a logo as well. Even someone who is planning to start a small knitting business is looking to have a proper logo that will help its customers identify them.

Therefore, when you plan to start your own small business start working on a logo as well as this is one of the key components that identify a product as a brand. This becomes essential for one more reason that is there are multiple players in the market that are doing the same thing as you but your logo will act as a face to your brand and will represent the meaning, identity, and name of your brand. Henceforth, when the time comes don’t shy away from investing in the best custom logo design companythat will give you a professional-looking logo that your customer will remember for a long time.

5. Have a Website

It can’t be emphasized enough how absolutely crucial it is that you have a web site especially in this fast running era of technology. We are living in a time where everything is just some clicks and taps away and in this era, you surely don’t want to miss out on the need and demand of your customer by not being online. There are several web design companies that are providing the services of designing professional and efficient websites for your company. Investing in one is a great idea even as a small venture because when people and your target customer will search up the product line that you work on then by coming across your website they will be inclined towards your offerings.

Moreover, the above strategy also helps in expanding and creating more customers as to when people will search and come across your website they will be tended to experience the product that you are offering. Also, an online presence in this era also helps in improving the credibility and position of your company. Build a website that is based on your products, the personality of your brand and is easily accessible to your customers. 

6. Expand your Community

Next up in line is expanding your community, this is a way of connecting with your existing and potential customers. Customers adore and appreciate the brands that give them value and are loyal to them which makes it important for the brand especially in this era that they work to expand and connect with their customers. There are several industry giants that are solely profiting by connecting and expanding their community. This is what as a new venture and relatively small business you can do as well.

The best way of doing this is to approach some local but influencing personalities of your area and reach out to them with your products. Local bloggers and vloggers are a great way through which you can expand your business as these people have a good amount of fan following that can become your potential customer.

Even Gucci is including famous bloggers in its brand so you can include some locally famous ones as well. Moreover, have a blog on your own website and ask people to contribute as guest writers on your website and this will spread the word about your business. Various professional branding services will help you in linking up with the right people!

7. What differentiates you from Others?

This is a highly important point as well! No matter what business you are planning to start chances is it is already being done by multiple other people around you. Nevertheless, it is in your hand how you make yourself stand out among all these competitors. More importantly, if you are willing to attract customers then you will have to identify your point of differentiation that differs from your customer. This factor will act as your strength and your product will be identified by this strength.

Take an example of coca-cola and Pepsi, they both are carbonated drinks but each has a very different and quite loyal market base. Those who drink Pepsi will hardly come towards coca-cola while coca-cola drinkers aren’t satisfied with any other drink. Now, what’s much different in these two? Both are black and both are carbonated! It’s the taste that differs them and it differs them greatly. Moreover, where the former expresses happiness with family and friends, the latter promotes music, fun, and games. See? How your unique selling point creates a differentiation.

8. Create a Mission and Vision Statement

The next point which is essential when it comes to branding your business is having a proper mission and vision statements. One defines what you want now while the other defines what you want from your business in the long run. Search any big-name either from the service sector or the manufacturing sector you will see each will have a well-defined mission and vision statement. If you are wondering why as a small venture you want one? The answer is simple; to help you grow and prosper in the later years. A mission statement will remind you on a daily basis about why you started and what are your goals and how are you going to achieve them. Whereas, a vision statement will help you understand your purpose in the long run and will help you become a prominent figure in the market and in front of your customers. As much as these two will help you they will also motivate your employees and customers equally.


Branding might seem a big and extra-ordinary step but it definitely is not! The reason being, when you have worked hard in starting something of your own that will help you create an identity for yourself it is only fair that you alos give an identity to your business as well. This will help you in achieving all that you have hoped for your business and will also give a liberating and independent life for you as a person.

Author Bio:– Bryan Fernandez is a professional brand enthusiast. She also love’s to write blog niches related to brand marketing and design, currently working as a brand manager at Design Turtle!

Realme expects to make it big in India with 10,000mAh Power Bank

Realme power bank with two-way quick charging made its first appearance in India.

Realme has finally launched a speedy power bank in India on Sept 13.

Range of Products Launched by Realme

While there are a number of mobile phones hitting the shelves every now and then, Realme established itself as one of the promising brands amongst the competition. The China-based company has recently launched its first Realme XT 64MP quad-camera phone in India on 13 September. Not to brag about the long-awaited Realme smartphone, the company also swaddled ‘Indian Phonephiles’ by creating buzz about its accessories.

The news of the launch of the Realme power bank came from the company on its official Twitter account, which stated: “Power that lets you stay connected at all times!” The picture attached below for reference.

power bank

Image Source: Official Website of Realme

Realme Fast Charging Power Banks

In the September event, it lifted the curtains from Realme Buds Wireless earphones and a two-way fast charging Realme Power Bank. With USB Type A and Type C ports, the power bank would be a mainstay for android & iPhones. It also announced Realme XT 730G to be revealing in India this December. But the grand entrance is surely for the top-end Power Bank and Realme Buds Wireless Earphones.

The company debuted its range of accessories in India with lots of hopes. The updates on the launch of the Realme Buds Wireless headphones did not come directly from the brand but rather from prominent tipster Ishan Agarwal in his Sept 12 Tweet. “Don’t ask me how or what but apparently Realme Buds Wireless are launching tomorrow as an Amazon Special for Rs. 1,_99 (below 2k it seems),” composed the tipster, yesterday.

Unique Specifications of Speedy Realme Power Bank

With an easy moniker “Realme Power Bank”, the superior-quality power bank is simply 12.5nm thick and has a maximum power of 18W at each port. The 10,000mAh Power Bank will be hitting the shelves from September. The company has made it available initially in three iconic colors i.e., bright yellow, classic gray and flashy red hues. Each has the company’s name “realme” written on the devices in the trademark black bold style.

Its price in evaluated at Rs. 1,299 in the Indian market which is quite reasonable as compared to its unique features. It can be handy power transfer tool. The fast power bank supports two-way quick charging and has two USB ports: Type-C and a full-sized Type-A port with double outputs. In this way, it can optimally charge two devices at the same time.

According to major tipsters, the power bank is made up of lithium-polymer battery and has 12 layers of circuit protection. These 12 layers of security and safety has been designed to beat off main issues in every other power source in the market such as short circuit, current, over-powering, cut off power supply, over-charge etc.

As per the specs described on the official website of the Realme, this power bank weighs as light as a can of coke (230 grams to be precise). Additionally, it serves an ultimate convenience to the customers with distinctive charging capability as it charges a full battery (9V/2A) in 3.28 hours with 18W charger and a 5V/2A battery in 5.36 hours with 10W charger.

Realme claims that the power bank will be your go-to mate in daily life. It will be compatible with most of the devices; mobile phones, laptops and video games consoles and other low-powered wearables. Therefore, it will increase the life span of your device.

As mentioned on the official website of the brand, the high-density stable battery gears up to charge an iPhone XS Max within 56 minutes using a Type-C port, and it is a worth-noting feature.

Realme Power Bank vs Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

The sub-brand of Oppo, Realme is speculated to compete with Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2i with 10,000mAh capacity (launched in India in 2017). These power banks start at Rs 899 in India and furthermore support 18W quick charging. Realme’s power bank depends on USB Type-C port for input, whereas the Mi Power Bank 2i utilizes mini USB port for input. On the other hand, Xiaomi Mi 20,000mAh power bank, which recently launched in 2019, has a premium price of Rs. 1500 and its charging time is estimated to be 6.7 hours and 10 hours with 18W and 10W chargers.

The Bottom Line

Realme is the fourth largest smartphone selling brand in India and it has a close rivalry with Xiaomi Mi. Both brands have their own plus and minus. But even if you take a leap of faith, we would recommend giving Realme Fast Power Bank a try.

Top 10 Utility Apps for your Android Phone

Smartphones have taken over most of our everyday monotonous chores. Whether it is grocery shopping, sorting emails, managing documents, booking your next ride or air tickets, or finding virtual way on the go – everything is possible with this handy tool. But, guess what – you would have to crawl into the Play Store and scrabble around tons of mobile apps to find best-suited bunch for you.

If you’re looking for a list of bare minimum applications you should have on your mobile device, you’ve come to the right place.

To make life simpler for you, we’ve put together a list of some of the best utility apps for your android phones. What are utility apps? Utility apps are the kind of applications that enhance your user experience; they make your device more functional and let you take advantage up to your phone’s optimal capabilities.

1. Solid Explorer File Manager

Price: 14-Days Free Trial Version + Premium Features

One of the most important add-ons you need on your smartphone is a file and cloud manager with root explorer. If you would have asked us a couple of years ago, putting down the ES File Explorer would have been a no-brainer. However, the Solid Explorer really has been a breakout star in the league. Besides basic file management, Solid Explorer also allows you to password protect files and folders. You can also add fingerprint authentication. You can archive and unarchive files, browse through your files in two separate panels, and more. 

Solid Explorer also allows you to hide extra unwanted folders in the desired formats. Its more advanced features include support for cloud storage and various web servers formats. The UI has been one of the biggest plus points, with many users finding it a lot friendlier and intuitive to use.

2. Anymote

Price: Free

This universal remote control app is both; fun and functional. After all, who here hasn’t had their fair share of laughs with a universal remote? With support for almost all Android devices, Anymote is the only universal remote you’ll need. With its ability to simulate anything that sends infrared remote commands, it can perform as a VCR remote, a BluRay remote, an Air Conditioner remote and even a DSLR camera remote. There are, however, a lot of device limitations. The app isn’t compatible with Huawei, Vizio or Sony devices. Also, while it works like a dream on the Galaxy S4 and S6, it isn’t compatible with the S7 due to hardware limitations.

 3. Google Translate

Price: Free

Have you ever been to a new country and had been off-track as lost as  Alice? Enter Google Translate, your new, most important travel partner. As a Google product, it should come as no surprise that the app supports more than 100 languages. You can use it very easily by copying a word in any application and tapping it for translation. You can take pictures of a text and get it translated, as well as have a two-way conversation in over 32 languages. Our favorite feature is how you can draw characters for over 93 languages.

4. Google Maps

Price: Free

If you haven’t heard of Google Maps by now, chances are you’re new … to this world. The world’s favorite navigation application is just the thing you need if you want to work your way around the roads. You’ll be surprised how Google would know some areas better than the local residents. Besides learning how to get from one place to another, you will also be able to get the details about millions of businesses, like hotels and restaurants including the images and reviews from visitors. You can also get public transport schedules for over 15,000 cities of the world.

5. Find My Device By Google

Price: Free

Since we are listing utility apps, no list is complete without the coolest toolkit on the app store – literally! Find My Device is an absolutely free app that lets you lock your android phone and even lock your information and input data transfer until you get it back. If your phone is misplaced or stolen, you can search through the map about its last location. You can easily lock and erase your device and request the finder to return it back via a message on your device.

6. Opera VPN

Price: Free

If you want to unlock content that you don’t have access to because of your location, using the Opera VPN is a good solution. Its auto saving of password from site to site takes browsing experience to a whole new level. Besides changing your virtual location, it also blocks ad trackers. By reassigning your device a different, incredibly fast VPN servers, it gives you access to otherwise blocked online content, for free.

7. Mobile Security & Antivirus

Price: Free / In-app Purchases

This security application from Avast helps you protect your device from viruses, malware, popups and ads. Considering how pervasive mobile viruses have become, and how often you hear hackers gaining access to mobile devices and sending data to third parties, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. This application alerts you as soon as your device installs a spyware or adware. Features included in Avast’s antivirus app include a call blocker, an app locker, a Firewall, a junk cleaner, a web shield etcetera.

8. Snapseed

Price: Free

You device is incomplete without a good photo-editing application. One again Google takes up the lead. Snapseed is a photo editing app that gives you access to extensive 29-tools and filters to edit your photos and create one-of-a-kind images. With a variety of filters, and the ability to share edited images on social networks, Snapseed is a simple and functional photo-editing app.

9. VLC

Price: Free

No smartphone is complete without a well-rounded media player, and the VLC player is an old app but tops all of the competitors. With its ability to play almost all types of media files, including MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, Wv and AAC, VLC is a favorite for most smartphone users. Besides, it also allows you to edit videos and play around using equalizer filters with creepy audio files. Another perk is that it comes with all codecs included; you don’t need to separately download anything. All features are incredible for audio and video junkies.

10. Applock

Price: Free

Security is a major concern for us all … and no smartphone can work well without security apps. You need to stop your friends and family to poke into your phone. So, here comes Applock – that checks all the boxes. Applock allows you to secure unauthorized access to any of the app you choose. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, SMS, Calls and more. Now you don’t need to pay much heed – Applock will prevent your personal pictures, videos and significant data at all levels. It’s simple, efficient and free.


So, we have shared a rundown of the best utility apps for Android. Most of the apps are free, only a few apps require in-app purchases. Regardless, they all are worth to give a try. Share your thoughts about which one do you like the most?

Author’s Bio: Kerin is a content creator & a passionate blogger. She is a professional tech blogger by profession & an avid reader by soul. She loves to explore topics related to news / technology, particularly content transfer. In her free time, she enjoys penning down her thoughts with a cup of coffee.


Best Beaches In Goa For Nightlife

Goa is exclusive in this numerous of its best parties are right the beach or abreast of cliffs high the ocean. It makes for associate impressive backcloth to an excellent higher party. As you may already understand, Goa has a number of the simplest parties within the world and whereas raves in Goa are additional underground, they’re still happening. If there was one word to explain South Goa.

The unhurried pace of life, exotic beaches and heritage villages beckon solitude seeking travellers from round the world. Goa is primarily divided into two parts, south goa and north goa. However there is lot of things you can do inSouth Goain compare to north goa, like water sports, activities and night life.

Best Beaches in Goa for Nightlife:-

1. Anjuna

Shiva vale and Curlies are continually a decent selection and each are next to every alternative (sort of) of Anjuna Beach. Shiva vale parties are on Tuesdays and have a canopy charge. Curlies is on Thursdays typically however very it’s continually a fun place to travel chill and drink, day or night. For the weekday party, there’s a canopy charge. Another place to hit up in Anjuna is Nyex Beach Club that is wherever Club Paradiso accustomed is.

Nightlife: the planet far-famed Decades Bar Calangute, India 3.4 km away. Cocktails and Dreams Baga, India 3.1 km away.

2. Palolem Beach

Palolem beach in Goa placed in Canacona in Goa. This beach incorporates a stunning rounded dry land with lovely beach umbrellas and chairs for tourists that are usually employed by tourists from abroad. This is also known as best beach in Goa for foreigners.

Nightlife:There are several bars and nightclubs close however the most attraction at Palolem Beach is that the far-famed Silent Noise Party at Neptune purpose.

3. Baga Beach

Baga Beach is wherever folks very unchained. This is often additional of associate Indian crowd with less foreign travellers partying here. Clubs like Titos, restaurant Mambos, metropolis restaurant, and Cocktails and Dreams can all be packed to the brim on the weekend enjoying industrial music and serving low cost drinks.

Nightlife: a number of the popular nightlife spots embody Bora Bora, Mango Tree, restaurant La Musica, Club Cubana are well-liked. The far-famed Mambo’s and Tito’s club also are placed close to Baga Beach.

4. Candolim Beach

For a proper “club” experience, you may need to envision out each set and LPK in Candolim. They need that vacation ambiance with cabanas within the club, pools, and you’ll very dress over here. These aren’t Goa trance parties however are more industrial with hip-hop in addition.

Chapel St. Lawrence, Aguada Fort, and Candolim Church are a number of the popular traveller destinations within the space. This is often in my opinion, additional for the kids partying in Goa like 18-25 around.

Nightlife: Bar Latino, Pharoah’s Den, and Bon appetence building & Bar, and Buena Mesa are a number of the simplest nightlife places during this space.

5. Ashwem

Marbela in Ashwem is wherever the far-famed white party is annually. You’ll additionally keep within the rooms there for around five, 000 Bureau of Intelligence and Research per night. Sunset Ashram is pretty cool associated has an ambience. They throw some cool large parties throughout the year. Rock water is another that has some nice parties throughout the year.

Nightlife: Club recent in Morjim may be a pretty cool spot to envision out in addition.

6. Morjim Beach

This is a really tranquil and pleasant beach to go to for foreigners and Russian tourists especially like this beach.There are nice native restaurants, sports bars and additionally nice facilities to relax on the beach.

Nightlife: Best places to go to embody Bora Bora Life, Club Fresh, and Boom Shack Lounge to call a number of.

7. Vagator

Yet another well-liked beach for nightlife in Goa, Vagator incorporates a few picture bars and nightclubs on its beach. Sip on a range of alcoholic beverages and hear live music at Antares or get pleasure from Greek food at Thalassa. Once a pleasant Greek meal, head dead set the nine bar club and party until regarding five am.

Nightlife: Tin Tin Bar & building, cactus building, fruit tree Bar & building, and dance hall vale are a number of the highest nightlife places at Vagator Beach.

8. Ozran Beach

Ozran Beach may be a prime beach to go to for foreigners in Goa and is additionally referred to as the miscroscopicVagator Beach. The beach may be a bohemian and set back beach and lots of backpackers from everywhere the planet visit this space.

Nightlife: This beach is fashionable foreigners fascinated by trance music and dance parties. Primrose, dance hall vale 9 Bar is a number of the highest nightlife places to go to at Ozran Beach.

9. Mobor Beach

It is a preferred beach with nice beach shacks that sell delicious native food and there are water sports activities on this beach. Today, the beach attracts several guests primarily because of the Lepidochelysolivacea turtles found at the beach. Once it involves nightlife, it should not be as well-liked as a number of the opposite beaches in Goa; however Morjim will supply a decent party expertise.

Nightlife: The Leela Goa, that may be a luxury resort is found close therefore are places just like the Fisherman’s Wharf and lots of alternative seashore bars and restaurants.

10. Sinquerim

Sinquerim Beach may be a well-liked nightlife spot in Goa and therefore the SinQ club is one among the foremost popular clubs within the space. SinQ is understood for its spacious interiors and poolside space that’s nice for partying. Go here on a Fri if you’re keen on screenland music. Cohiba is additionally simply down the road.

Nightlife: Sing, Love Passion destiny

Best places to remain in Goa for nightlife. While there are additional beaches to party at, these are the places that have the foremost epic Goa style parties. If you intend to remain on the beach in these places, therefore, you’ll walk to them, I like to recommend looking out on Hostel world.

Recently there are numerous hostels and if you are in Goa to party, then you would like to fulfil folks and this is often a good thanks to do this. Several hostels can have pre-gaming parties before massive nights out. It’s additionally safer to travel out with a gaggle.

Content Marketing Guide: How to Blow up Your Content Marketing

Though you may be influenced by the overwhelming techniques of digital marketing, the concept of content marketing is actually something very influential when it comes to creating a dominating impression of your business. Content marketing has actually got the huge potential to drive revenue, customers, and inform users about the brand. For this reason, more and more businesses are aiming to connect with content marketing building a brand which is not just influential but has shown huge benefits to a business in creating engagement with customers.

All in all, content marketing is something that works as a roadmap for the business where it lights your way to where you understand to create influential content that can attract readers, retain them for long, and ultimately turn them into resources.

Today, we have managed to gather the entire encyclopedia of content marketing into this blog helping you to blow your content marketing for visible results. Let’s start.

Content Marketing Goal

Before you start writing anything for your product, it is very important to understand why you need to create the content. This is actually important to measure the success of your marketing plan as it could be anything regarding customers, traffic, sales, or website visits.

Most of the time, the main agenda with content marketing is about building a strong email following engaging people in sign-ups for boosting the promotion goals. So, if you are on your way to starting working on content marketing for your business, make sure you have some defined goals to chase.

Audience Research

Once you are done with the process to establish your goals, the next step is to understand your audience finding who will be the people that are going to read and explore your content. Effective content is not just about writing something which interests your writing style, but it is the one which can help the audience to connect bringing better involvement with business and helping them with a direction that transforms them. The process of audience research is actually something which needs you to cover so many things for understanding the audience.

  • Establishing Understanding: demographics are all about understanding the demographics and psychology of the audience. The demographics help you know about the idea of age, gender, location, etc. this will help you target the audience who can actively invest in your business. However, it is equally important to consider factors like beliefs, interests, and values.
  • Audience personas: the next thing which you need to handle is consider establishing audience personas. You have to understand that whether your audience is searching for some products to buy or they are the potential investors who are willing to invest in the services you can provide. Also, you should try to acknowledge your audience finding their queries on the web through websites like Quora or Reddit. Actually, it all takes you to be present at all the preferred places of your audience to create content which is convincing and great.

Blog Set Up

This is actually the easiest thing which you can do to promote your business. Though it is more of a technical move for your content marketing strategy, it can be a potential move to host your content and reach a better audience. However, the process to set up your blog or publishing your content can be achieved through a unique WordPress blog startup or by approaching existing platforms like medium or youtube.

Medium, apple podcast, or youtube are certain options which you can opt for featuring your content but it may bring you a drawback which is lost control on content. On the other hand, WordPress blog gives you complete power to handle the content but it needs you to start the audience buildup from a zero. The choice is completely yours which options seems to be convenient for your needs.

Update Existing Content

This is another great move which you can practice to gain some exposure for your business. It just needs you to explore all the existing content on your website to explore the opportunities to add the content or make edits making it align with recent customer needs.

For instance, if you have submitted any content on the market trends for web development service in the year 2018, it is essential to understand the need to upgrade the latest trends of 2019 making it worth the audience in 2019. Moreover, you must try to invest time in content which is engaging and evergreen to enable conversations with the users who have already visited your website in the past or are new to your website. 

Email Campaigns

Another big thing which you can aim for effective content marketing is to work on email campaigns. If you are already working on email marketing, make sure you know what you need to serve your customers. It can be the content which can serve their interests and help them know about the recent market updates as well as compel them to return to the website for sales.

Moreover, to make the process of email marketing easier, you can simply opt for powerful email marketing platforms like mail chimp, campaign monitor, or ActiveCampaign. These tools help you start with marketing campaigns at low cost helping you to target on content for campaigns, newsletters, automated messages, etc.

Keyword Research with Brainstorming

Once you are done setting the blog and email partner, the next thing is to start your play with content. Though you can have plenty of ideas to write, it needs you to focus on strategic planning. The process of working on content start by finding the topic to write that can surely grab the attention of users.

Once you are done finding a good title through brainstorming, you can proceed to explore the title with keywords that have the potential to get you the results. You can prefer using google keyword planner or Moz tool to explore the keyword opportunities. Once you are done creating keyword oriented content centered at your topic, you can simply work on your email list and approach the customers who could actively grab on the opportunities you can deliver.

But this needs you to be very careful with the content establishing the emotion. It can be anything that is informative to share or anything that can send alerts to the customers. This also holds the space for visual data and video marketing in order to drive better traffic. It is also essential that the content you prefer to work is made after thorough research on your competitors developing stuff which is completely competition free and unique for you to present.

Social Media & Paid Advertisement

Last but not least, you need to aim for promotion of your content with the help of most effective and preferred social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & more. You can take your content to niche communities and user groups in order to feature your brand and gather a relevant audience for better conversions.

Also, you can invest some money on paid advertisement to gather the public response either with the help of google ads or using the advertisement options available on social media channels like Facebook. It can be of great help in creating a better list of viewers for your content and fostering business growth.


If it has been long since you have been planning to leverage your content marketing plan, now you have the list of most significant, effective yet affordable tactics that can bring a boost to your content marketing goals.

If you are familiar with the SEO quote which says “Content is King”, it is very crucial to implement a content marketing plan that can help you promote your business by interacting with people forming long term relationships. The only powerful content marketing plan is that which has the power to hold the attention of all the users and compelling them to develop an interest in your service. Even though you can work on above plan all on your own, having a back from an expert Seo Agency in India can help you see quicker results with visible growth in engagement, conversions and ultimately the revenues. All the best!

About The Author

Ravi Sharma is the founder of a renowned digital marketing company, Webomaze which provides SEO consulting services to the clients. The company has been able to climb the ladder of success due to his constant efforts, diligent work, and strong determination.

6 Steps to Keep Your Business Finances in Order

Do you find managing the finances of your business to be a hard task? Healthy business finances are vital to achieving success for your business. Maintaining the financial records of your business through accounting services helps you keep track of the business finances of your business.

In this article, we present you six steps to sort your business finance. Following are the six tips to help you keep the business finances of your business finance in order.

6 Tips to Help You Keep The Business Finances in Order

1. Keep your business and personal finances separate.

It would help if you did not mix your personal and business finances. Combining both of these can end up in confusion. Here the complexity means, it will be difficult for you to track your expenses. So, to avoid this confusion, the first thing you can do is opening separate bank and credit accounts for your business. This practice will help you to track your business finances every year in an effortless manner and take your major headache.

2. Choose suitable accounting software for your business.

It would help if you chose an accounting software that makes sense for your business. There is quite several accounting software to opt for, such as Xero, Quickbooks and Fresh books. You can select any of this accounting software considering the requirements of your business. Selecting online bookkeeping servicescan help you to track real-time insights anytime and anywhere. So, it would help if you chose an online accounting software wisely that would be suitable for your business.

3. Track Your Income

You need to know how much income your business is generating. You can track the income of your business daily, weekly, or even monthly. Take the use of a spreadsheet to keep records of your business’ revenue. You can also take the help of accounting software to keep track of your business income. Tracking your business’ income helps you to monitor things better.

4. Track and audit your Expenses.

If you are tracking your business’ income, then it is also essential to monitor the expenses of your business. Entrepreneurs have fees that must be paid to keep the business going. You can reduce some of your business expenses on the taxes, and this will decrease your taxable income. As a result, your business will generate a high income. You can track your expenses by the way you track your income. This will permit you to audit your expenses on regular basis.

5. Create a budget for your business

Creating a budget should be included in part of staying organised and planning ahead for your business. This step is essential for your business, and it shouldn’t be neglected. A budget is usually a framework that helps you to take a proper decision regarding the expenses and marketing of your business. Make a budget that is perfect for your business’ needs and don’t forget to make changes to it whenever required.

6. Find a trusted local credit union

Credit unions are often not so valuable for small businesses because they are often willing to provide loans at competitive rates. So, you have to find the best credit union in your locality that suits your business’ needs. This partnership with the local credit union can prove to be immensely beneficial for your business. Some advantages of credit unions are low transaction fees, low account service charges, flexible and customised services. Credit unions also keep income and profits within the community.

The harsh reality today is that many business owners do not keep track of their business finances. However, it is essential to track your business finances to minimise your expenses and maximise your income and profits.

What is NAP and Why local citation is a Major Ranking Factor in SEO

Ranking your website locally, quality and quantity of citations affect majorly and NAP across your citations. It is for a business who wish to rank well in the local organic results. What businesses have to do with their NAP to boost local ranking? Nowadays some SEO experts add “W” after NAP to make NAP+W or NAPW where W stands for website.

According to Google:

“Local results favor the most relevant results for each search, and businesses with complete and accurate information are easier to match with the right searches.”

What is NAP?

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. It’s a major factor in SEO were search engine always look for local intent searches.
Citations are a key ranking factor in SEO. People often look at NAP data around the web known as the citation. Citation data come up when people search for and shows around at local directory sites.
Top ranking factors are related to citations quality, quantity, and consistency.

Why Citations Are a Major Ranking Factor in SEO?

To get locally ranked or show up your business data when people search for, Google uses some ranking factors to determine your ranking at local search.

You must be thinking how you can rank in local search results, a search engine bot scans the web for local citation NAP data like business name, address, phone number, regardless of whether you have a website or not.

In addition to that, citations give search engine an accurate data about your business with a contact information. Citations give your business a real identity, which will improve your rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

There are two types of citation

1. Structured Citations
2. Unstructured Citations

If these above things are inconsistent they can become a negative ranking factor so start working on for consistent citation building to rank locally.

10 Content Ideas To Keep Your Brand Engaging On Instagram

If you are like most brands, you are using Instagram to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Widen your fanbase
  • Drive sales

Instagram can be the perfect social media platform to achieve results for all three of these goals – so long as you are keeping people engaged.

While posts can (and should!) be used to tell your followers, and anyone discovering you, about your new products or services, this cannot be the only content you are pushing out. Now more than ever, successful social media marketing is about growing customers by flaunting your brand personality, making people laugh, telling them interesting stories and giving them valuable information or advice. Your Instagram posts and stories need to open up a dialogue with your audience, encourage interaction and generate engagement.

10 Content Ideas To Keep Your Brand Engaging On Instagram

Here’s 10 different ways you can mix up your content and keep your audience listening to you.


Instagram contests are the perfect way to showcase a product, service or partnership while being generous and creating engagement – who doesn’t want to win something with the click of a button? This requires a bit of planning to establish the rules, the prize and how you are going to send it to the winner. Set yourself a goal and choose the right method – “tag a friend to enter”, for example, is more likely to get you new followers than “like to enter”. Remember to use a hashtag to make it easy to share and pick up momentum.


This could be a sneak peek of a new product in-the-making, the preparation of an event you are participating in, or that time the Finance Controller bought everyone in the office free donuts. People love to see glimpses of the reality behind a brand, not just the choreographed display that you put on. As well as piquing the interest of your audience, you will be increasing brand loyalty by making your followers feel trusted with exclusive access to scenes.


UGC gives your brand authenticity with a less traditional form of advertising that puts your customers first. It’s a digital word-of-mouth that benefits both parties, and it’s free! If you already have a big following on Instagram, search posts you’ve been tagged in, hashtags associated with your brand and locations (if you have a physical store or restaurant) and browse for the best snaps. If this isn’t the case, a sure way to create a steady stream of user-generated content is via competitions – best photo of the week gets a freebie. However, don’t be afraid to also reach out to customers and offer them something in exchange for taking quality photos. Always give credit and remember to ask permission – they will probably be delighted about the shout-out, but it’s better to give them a choice.


Fans love sharing their opinions, and will love you for giving them an opportunity to do so. The poll feature in Instagram Stories allows you to post a classic poll, with two customisable answer options, or an emoji slider for your audience to tell you how much they feel about something, like how spicy they like their food or how much they love your new t-shirt design. Your followers feel listened to and involved in your decision-making, and you get free market research as well as high engagement rates. Win-win.


Keep an eye on hashtags trending around an event (#WorldCup), holiday (#Halloween) or social media trend (#MondayMotivation) and post something that relates. Some of these can be planned in advance – maybe you do a Throwback Thursday post every week, and everyone knows when Christmas is – but it is especially engaging to do this in the moment. When the world woke up to everyone discussing whether a photo of a dress is white and gold or blue and black, brands became the stars of the show. Find a fun way to get noticed by joining in the latest craze.



Many people use Instagram to be informed and learn new things, and a recent report shows that videos receive 38% more engagement on the platform than images. Whatever the expertise of your brand – fashion tips, delicious recipes, how to overcome the fear of public speaking – sharing your wisdom with a tutorial video provides your audience with valuable content while showing off what you can do.


Letting your followers be the first to know about something exciting makes following your brand worth it! It could be a new product, a deal coming soon or an upcoming event – your fans will feel special, and will relish clicking share so that they can be the bearer of great news to their audience. This is an easy way to get promoted organically and drive new people to your profile to check you out.


Your brand is part of a community, and helping others will also help yourself. Giving a shout-out to another brand that you like will tap into their following while showing yours that you have their best interest at heart, not just your own. You can do this by reposting another brand’s content, but even better if you can make an original post and tag them. They might end up reposting, or even returning the favor. Aim for small brands who will appreciate it more and make a bigger fuss.


Rewarding your fans for their loyalty is a sure way to keep them invested in your brand and encourage them to become brand ambassadors. What more seductive way to do so than by giving them a code word for a deal or product? You could be just like everyone else and give them “40% off” burgers, or you could tell them to say “iloveburgers” when the bill comes to get the discount. Secret passwords spread like wildfire, which is great for brand awareness, but it’s a good idea to set a limit or specific time frame to stop it from spiralling out of control.


Instagram blog sensations such as “Humans of New York” have shown us that short tag-line captions are not the only written content that works on the platform. People spend hours on the platform, and have time to read a good story if it grabs their attention. Try posting a detailed comment about a product or give people a brand anecdote, keeping the first line as something that stands out and makes your audience want to read more. And make sure it’s written well, of course!

Importance of Public Relations In SEO

Importance of Public Relations In SEO

Most people are aware that the success of an SEO campaign depends on a number of factors. It needs to be worked upon as a part of a greater marketing approach. There are many channels which have an impact on your success in search. This can be email marketing, social media, or traditional advertising and promotion. However, PR has a greater impact on your SEO campaign than all the other channels combined. Here are some ways in which public relations can help you achieve the main aims of your SEO campaign.

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