5 Useful Features of Microsoft Office 2016 Professional

Microsoft Office 2016 is a new arrival with additional features and upgrades that everybody has been looking for. This Microsoft Version is preceding Microsoft Office 2019 and proceeded by Microsoft Office 2013. The main focus of the development team was to enhance collaboration and easy sharing.

What this means is that Microsoft Office 2016 offers a variety of collaboration features that makes it compatible with SharePoint and OneDrive. There are several features that can help you as an individual and as a business better communication, collaborate and create.

Here are the top 5 features of Microsoft Office 2016 that almost everybody is talking about in the market today.

1. Clutter in Outlook

This is a new addition in Microsoft Office 2016 that analyses your email pattern and also observes the people you interacts with most often. The main reason why this feature was integrated was to prioritize your emails and only show you what is really important at the moment. The feature also puts the low priority emails in a separate folder while at the same time displaying high priority emails to you.

The good thing is that you can at any time turn it on and off according to your needs…

To turn it off, you can right click the clutter folder and later select manage clutter. There are some instances when you cannot see the manage clutter option. In this case, it means that the clutter is disabled. The other thing is that you can sign in to clutter using your school or work account. This way, you will get directly to the clutter options page.

2. Co-authoring

This is actually the best addition that the Microsoft Office users have ever experienced. This is feature is now available in most of the Microsoft Office applications including Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Co-authoring gives you a simple mechanism to enable more than one person to get access to the same document. Another good thing is that you can work on that specific document regardless of the device you are using. Additionally, when each of the users are accessing and working on the document, they can be able to notice where each other is making changes.

For those users looking for a better feature for their businesses and to increase their productivity regardless of where they are, this is a feature that you should be going for.

3. Better integration

Am usually convinced that the main aim of the upgrades and the additions on Microsoft Office 2016 is to make it easier for people to work remotely and at the same time maintain their productivity.

As a matter of fact, the developers made it easier for anybody to work from wherever they are and at the same time reach those that are in office through OneDrive and Skype integration. It enables any user to open an office document from anywhere any time regardless of the device they are using as long as it is supported. You can pick up from where you left on another device. It can as well be integrated with Skype which makes it easier for any user to reach out to the colleagues and join online meetings and share your screen with others.

4. Planner

This feature enables managers to create a dashboard for group tasks. What this means is that it is now easier for you to assign projects, track progress and rearrange responsibilities with ease. Apart from sending a group email informing your juniors what to do, you can just use this feature and everything else will be death with. You can simply drag and drop a responsibility from one place to the colleagues. Whenever someone makes any changes, the colleagues will get a notification. What this means is that you don’t have to keep an eye on the dashboard all day.

5. Improved versioning

It is now easier for you to recover files that you accidentally deleted or the ones you edited wrongly. If you have wrongly edited a file or if you just accidentally deleted it, you can now use SharePoint and OneDrive to view history and later adjust as needed. However, this feature doesn’t currently work for OneDrive.

Final Thoughts!

There are several other improved features and new additions in Microsoft Office 2016 which either aims at the specific applications or general application use. Some of them includes Grammar checker, third party plug-in integration and improved business intelligence tools. All these new features and upgrades are aimed at making this office version more efficient and make you more productive.